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Philippines - Deep-well water pumps for continuous farming of Telbang Farmers

posted Apr 15, 2014, 10:21 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia
The project of providing 7 water-pumps for 7 farmers in Barangay Telbang, Camiling, Tarlac for them to undertake continuous farming as currently practiced in the Dumaual Farm Is already in full implementation. Several orientation seminars were held with speakers coming from various networks doing alternative and sustainable agriculture like Ecotech, MASIPAG, SRI Philippines.

On June 1, 2012, Php147.000 was released by the MSC Mission Office for the said project. So far 5 water pumps with accessories have been bought for a total cost of Php 92,000.00.

Since rainy season has begun and since the 7 farmers plus the 3 other farmers have decided to work as one and to pull their resources together it was decided that they would buy the additional two water-pumps after the rainy season. Right now, if they buy the additional two it will not be put into maximum utilization since there is already so much water. Instead, they will use it as capital during the current planting season and buy the additional two at the start of the dry season.

We are happy to note that the project is not only enabling the farmers to be more productive but value- formation is also taking place. They have learned to work harder inspired by their economic gains but also to work together as a team – the same as the “bayanihan” practice and spirit of not so long ago – which greatly contributes to community building.