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Vietnam - Request from Dam Doi District – Ca Mau Province (South Vietnam)

posted Apr 29, 2014, 10:08 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia

Bau Sen, 2 March 2014

I am Fr. Matthew Ngo Huu Ky, parish priest of Bau Sen, Ca Mau Deanery, Can Tho Diocese.

Bau Sen parish is a poor one in the remote area, about 1,500 Catholics, and regardless of about 3,000 people belonging to other religions (Buddhism and Caodaism). The people here mainly earn their livings by raising shrimps, but their harvests have failed for many continuous years, because the water in all the canals and rivers have been contaminated. Moreover, many people suffer from the problems of digestive system. They also have the difficulty in finding clean water for daily use. Few families have containers of rainy water. After consuming the rainy water up, they get the pumped water, letting alum settle down and use it for drinking and cooking. There are some poor families who cannot afford a pump, they have to buy or ask for water from other people.

They are really in need of clean water. Please help them with a water purifying system. It will be installed at the presbytery and provide the clean water free of charge to the people regardless of their religions. 

According to the requirement of the company, we also need to have a clean facility room. So, please also support us to build this room for the system. (Attached with this letter is the table of estimated fees).

Sincerely yours,

Fr. Mt. Ngo Huu Ky

Bau Sen Parish