Nauru - Opening of the New Building at Kayser College

Post date: May 26, 2015 1:24:22 AM

Opening of the New Building at Kayser College

After many years of hard work from many sides and many individuals, finally Kayser College was proud to announce that the New Building has come to completion. On 8th of May 2015, staffs, students, parents and government officials gathered at Clivaz hall for the official opening of the New Building.

Many attended, with high hopes for the future of the students of Kayser College and in appreciation for what has been given. The Minister of Education, along with Directors from her department and public school principals were invited for such occasion. Members of the Kayser College School Board were also present.

The Program began with a Prayer by Father Saimon Kokoria MSC Parish Priest of Nauru, which was followed by Welcoming speeches from the Principal, Mrs. Lovita Detabuneand from the School Head girl, Ms. Malady Giouba.

The Deputy Principal, Ms. Teri Itsimaera, then invited the Minister of Education Mrs. Charmaine Scotty who also happens to be the Chairperson of the Nauru Catholic Pastoral Council to officially cut the ribbon and formally open the doors to the New Building.

After cutting the ribbon and a tour within the building, Mrs. Scotty made a short speech of how proud she is for being invited to such occasion. Mrs. Scotty also mentioned that she was a student at Kayser College until she got a scholarship to study overseas. In her speech, she also asked that the students would do their very best and make use of the many help and support given them for their education and that they take good care of their new building. All in all, she made an inspirational speech.

The Secretary for the Education, Dr. Maria Gaiyabu, cut the cake as a sign of celebration for such special occasion. Dr. Maria also made a short speech of congratulations towards all those who have made such project possible. She also shared her experience while being a student at Kayser College in her early years of education. Such a memorable occasion!

With the building now officially opened, the staffs and students were more than happen to serve lovo packs (foods cooked in a traditional way) for lunch.

The building has four exterior doors, three of which are for the three classrooms, one being for the admin office and staff room. Each classroom is built to cater for about 30 to 40 students. The Admin Office has two interior rooms for the Principal and the School Secretary. Also included in the Admin section are two staff toilets and a coffee area for the staffs and visiting guests and a more than enough staff sitting area.

All present were lifted with hopes of a better standard of education for the children of Nauru. Moreover, for such, Kayser College and the Catholics of Nauru wish to express their utmost appreciation towards those who have continuously donated for the completion of the building. Acknowledgement in appreciation towards the MSC Mission Office in Australia and its donors, the Diocesan Office and its donors and all those who in one way or the other have been very supportive. Special thanks goes to the School Board who tirelessly worked very hard to oversee that everything is in order.

Tubwa (Thank You)