Kiribati – First Container

Post date: Sep 16, 2013 11:47:14 PM

I am not sure if I can put into words our appreciation for the books in the first container.

When I first saw the books, I never dreamt, I could distribute so many new, up to date syllabus books, primary, secondary, educational and novel books.

I can tell you it was a joy to distribute them to the Teaching Training College (to the outer islands), preschools, primary, secondary schools and the USB. The books were of the highest standard and packed to perfection, and arrived in similar fashion.

The value of your contribution to the education in Kiribati cannot be measured for which we thank the MSC team in Sydney.

While I make special mention regarding the books, I cannot omit our heartfelt thanks for the many other wonderful items sent. Quotation from Fr Baretoka Tab North Parish, “We could never afford the many wonderful gifts given to my parish from the first container."

Please extend my sincere thanks to your many donors who contributed so generously”.

The second and third containers have arrived.

With our sincere blessings