Rehabilitation Program in Pilar, Camotes

Post date: Mar 17, 2014 9:33:26 PM

The housing materials for the victims of typhoon in Pilar, Camotes, Cebu was delivered by the Philippine Navy last February 16, 2014. It took 2 days to unload all the materials from the navy ship because of its huge number. More than 50 people from the affected families helped hand in hand in order to unload the housing supplies from the ship. The materials were brought to the parish where the re-packing took place. Another 2 days were spent just to re-pack the 3,950 kgs. of nails and segregate the 4,752 pcs. of galvanized iron sheets. The distribution of materials was done on February 20, 2014. The affected families gathered in the parish hall to get the housing materials for the reconstruction of their houses. Before the distribution was done, a short orientation about rehabilitation program was given to the affected families. More than 1,000 families benefited the housing materials. The people are so grateful for the help that the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) extended to them.

In behalf of the MSC Philippine Province, we thank all the donors who share their resources to the families affected by the typhoon. To all MSCs around the world, thank you for the support you have sent to us. Your help are greatly appreciated. To all our generous friends who also share their blessings to the needy, thank so much for your generosity and kindness. We also thank all the people who help us bring all the housing materials in Pilar, Camotes. To the Naval Forces Central (NAFORCEN) and the Navy Ship BRP Tausog (AT295), for giving your time, effort and resources in bringing our materials to its destination. To all the parishioners of Pilar who helped and worked together to unload the materials and bring them to the parish. And to all individuals who become part of the relief operation, thank you so much and God bless you all!